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I really liked the dialog boxes with the camera zoom and the text slowly popping in like in good old gba games.
It felt a bit rough when colliding with wall.
How do you do the movement of the player ?

Thanks for playing :)

I move the player  by getting horizontal and vertical inputs using Input.GetAxis under the Update method. Then under the FixedUpdate method, i call another method called "Move" with the parameters "horizontal" and "vertical". I store these parameters in a Vector2 variable and then use this variable in transform.Translate().

Thanks for the details.
If you make use of the rigidbody2D component you can avoid the bumps in the wall.
This is a quite good tutorial from couch ferret.
Maybe it will help you :)

The bouncing off the walls happens so the player won't walk through or get pushed through them

But i will check it out thank you :)

How can I play it? cannot open the .rar file.

Does it give you an error? Try downloading on the submission page here

i cant open the .rar?

it says the file is corrupt...

It works for me and other peple as well

but i will look into it

yeah, maybe its just me